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About teacher training...

¡Buenas dias!

Today I would like to tell about this yoga training here.

There are 12students who are already yoga teachers. My classmates come from the U.S,Canada,Mexico..
Our common langage is English.

In this training we have been learning how to lead and teach yoga such as...

1)"kripalu stage 2" Will and surrender / Pratyahara and Dharana, This stage integrates the experience and self-awareness attained with "Kripalu stage 1"practice by useing "witness consciousness".
*"Kripalu stage 1"focused on Willful practice / Asana(pose) and Pranayama(brathing).

2)"Kripalu stage 3" Surrender to prana(Body enagey) / Dhyana.
"Posture flow" "Meditation in motion".

3)Restorative yoga

4)Yoga for depression (Yoga as treatment for major depression,dysthmia,manic-depression,PTSD,panic attack...)

5)Prenatal yoga & Postnatal yoga

6)Partner yoga

7)Seniors yoga

8)Yoga dance

9)Chakra yoga

and more than 150yoga posture, advanced pranayama(breathing).

That`s a lot!!! Even though I need to put BANTERIN on my body every night, I really love what I´m leaning!!

Anyways, I am working hard and enjoying.

P,S In this morning we jumped in to the Caribian sea during our class.It was fun!!

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Hola again!!
I am leaning 150 of yoga pose here. I can't wait to shere those with you!!
Please look forward to it!!!

Now, I am going to go beach!!

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I am really enjoying this beautiful time/Mexican food and doing yoga very much!!

Today I met a Japanese guy who is pro-photografer. His name is Shinichiro. Here Playa Dele Carmen there is no asian. He is a asian who I met very first time.
Anyways, I asked him to take picture of me while holding yoga pose on the beach. He took some beautiful pictures of me!!!
I am so excited to see them!!

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Hi from Palya Del Carmen !!

Hello everybody!!
I am in Palya Del Carmen,Mexico and enjoying the sunshine&Caribian sea!!

Can you imagine? I have been already adjusted! I mean that I really enjoy this circumstance here.

I do Yoga everyday off cause and enjoy talking to local.(I am leaning spanish as much as leaning Yoga.) I really want to tell about this wonderful time.

Talk to you soon!

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